Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Re-learned Lesson

I hope you have been blessed this week through your Bible study. God has reminded me of the value of His presence. I am blessed to walk right in and sit with Him. He invites me to bring my deepest hurts and fears and my most casual conversation. He desires relationship. He welcomes wherever we are, broken and weak, strong and joyful, calm and quiet, loud and laughing. He delights in the presence of His people and longs for His people to delight in His presence. 

 Here’s what I re-learned this week: His presence = fullness of Joy

 Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the lesson I am writing or teaching that I forget to sit and bask in His presence. I get to the end and see what He has taught me and what He wants me to teach others and find I missed the greatest treasure. I struggle to discern the relational aspect of being in His word to know Him and being in His word to know about Him and what He is like. We definitely want to know about Him and what He is like, but if it is not for relationship sake, we miss the whole point.

I truly do find my greatest time and place of joy is in His presence. Studying His word is one way He intended for me and you to relate to Him and bask in His presence. 

Why  do we study His word?

·         To know who He is for relationship sake

·         To know His heart and desires for relationship sake

·         To know what He says about me and His expectations for relationship sake

Why is relationship so important? For me, I am not a rule follower by nature. Apart from relationship with Jesus, I saw the Bible as a book of rules. I now see the Bible as a book of vibrant life that delights my soul!

Thank you for joining the journey through His word! Now It’s your turn.
What lesson did you learn or re-learn that was most significant to you and why?

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