Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dangerous Surrender

Read along with us and experience what happens when you say yes to GOD. Our journey begins this week as we dive into the pages of "Dangerous Surrender" written by: Kay Warren. We will read one chapter a week and post weekly to ignite and inspire all who follow. Please purchase your book now and join us! 


  1. Why is it so hard for us to completely surrender to GOD, the Most Holy One who allows our every breath, who tells the waves when to stop and the sun when to shine? am I so proud that I think I am in control of anything? why am I afraid to surrender, when I have no power to hold on to anything He has allowed me to use while on this earth, in an instant he can take away all he has blessed me with, yet I seem to hold on to what I think I can't bear to loose, fearing surrender because I am afraid of the cost? What will HE ask of me? Can I complete the task? What will it cost my family? I hope this study will get me past whatever obstacles are in my way to be a COMPLETELY surrendered woman who can say whatever you desire for me LORD let it be as you will and not me. Ladies pray for me please. Vickie

  2. I'm testing this then i I will post! Tracey

  3. OMG!! I got it to work yay!!!!!

    Vickie I completely understand where you are coming from! At what cost will surrendering to God actually cost me? I'm struggling with that because I fear so much that if I give up complete control that I won't get out of it what I want!! And yes I know that is very selfish, but is also, in my opinion, human nature! I had someone tell me once that God makes us imperfect for a reason and that is so that when we seek perfection, we must, need, and should seek Him under His terms and conditions! Not ours! That is a very hard pill for me to swallow! That means letting go of past hurts and betrayals and to love others as God loves us and them, yes even those that hurt us!! So, I will pray for you all, that have posted and those that haven't posted to be a fierce group if " dangerously surrendered" women!!!

    Ashley, I know you don't know me but I've heard about you and know someone very close to you! Lyla gave me a book called Streams in the Desert! I saw her yesterday and told her about a Bible/ book study I was doing and of course we were talking about the same study!! She has been very encouraging to me over the past months and her prayers and cards and book have been unbelievably eye opening and heart warming!!! GOD IS AWESOME!!!!