Monday, December 12, 2011

Gloriously Ruined - Pat

The intensity of the surrender that God is leading us to increases with each chapter. I wondered if Kay Warren did that with intention or if when the final period was laid the progression was realized. However, noting that this was her journey would explain the progression. Journeys are progressive, even our spiritual journeys with God. Spiritual journeys always begin with God drawing us to Himself and a deep desire within us to know Him “in deeper more extraordinary ways” (page 60). It is that deep desire that compels us to move forward in pursuing Him in ways completely contradictory to our natural inclinations and our comfort levels.

Kay wanted to know Him “in deeper more extraordinary ways” so much that she would not chance missing Him to stay seated in her comfortable church pew and doing life as usual in the affluent county of the place she calls home. Somewhere along the line the transfer to compassion for hurting people showed up which is where I knew I dropped the ball. Compassionate people go and touch and do for the sake of the hurting. Even when I have gone and touched and done for the sake of the hurting, I would say it has been more based on the desire to know Him “in deeper more extraordinary ways,” but to know Him that way means a transfer must take place within me to a deep rooted compassion that can only be given to me by God Himself.

Her pen pierced my heart once again on page 71. “Giving financially loosens the grip of materialism and selfishness that we all struggle with, but it can be a way of quieting our conscience while keeping our distance from those in need.” How many checks have I written to subdue the drawing towards compassion? I fear - too many.

Oh God, have mercy on me and help me to really die to myself! Help me not to short-circuit the process of what You are doing in my heart because it hurts. Change me into a compassionate person because Your heart is in me. Forever alter my heart to go, do, and touch for the sake of hurting people. I want to never be the same again.

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